Ryan Alshak, “Recovering Lawyer” and Tech Company CEO

August 18, 2017

by: Mohammed Elayan and Kandy Williams

Ryan Alshak, a “recovering” lawyer, discusses co-founding P.I.N.G. Inc., an automated timekeeping application that claims to help lawyers capture all of their billable hours. P.I.N.G. recently won the 2017 ABA Techshow’s inaugural “Startup Alley” competition. In this episode, Ryan discusses:

Why entrepreneurs are better off trying to solve a problem that they have personally experienced How P.I.N.G. became one of the first five companies picked by LexisNexis/LexMachina for its Silicon Valley legal tech accelerator program Why an entrepreneur needs a “Mamba” mentality like Kobe Bryant How P.I.N.G. is also focusing on data analytics

For more information about P.I.N.G., visit: http://timebyping.com/

To connect with P.I.N.G. on social media, visit:




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